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1Are multiple orgasms fact or fiction? Do all women experience them?No Category
2Before breastfeeding, I loved having my breasts touched. Not anymore. Will they ever be erogenous again?No Category
3Can you please tell me specifically how to master the woman on top position? I feel like everyone else knows how to do it except me.No Category
4Do women prefer slow, intimate sex over fast and furious?No Category
5During sex lately, I've been losing my erection when my partner becomes wet. Sometimes I feel like I am really close to ejaculating, but the lack of pressure seems to make it hard to sustain. More often than not, I don't climax. It could be that lately No Category
6Even though I'm jealous when it comes to my long-term girlfriend, some of my fantasies revolve around imagining her with other, nameless guys. Sometimes I share these with her during sex and we both have a good time. But am I playing with fire?No Category
7Everyone knows the benefits of having sex - looking younger, improved immune system, decreasing stress and depression etc. But, are these things only beneficial if you reach the "Big O"?No Category
8For the past year, my fiancee's been getting a UTI every time we have intercourse. Obviously, she's not very unenthusiastic about sex. Do you have any advice for having sex or even dealing with not having sex?No Category
9How do I find my girlfriend’s G-spot and what’s the most affective way to stimulate it?No Category
10I am 40 years old and my wife is 32. We've been together for 12 years and have two children. Lately, when I initiate sex, I get treated like a sex maniac. We only do it about twice a month and it’s driving me insane. What can I do?No Category
11I am a 28-year-old bloke who was a virgin till recently when I met a great girl. But since meeting her a can’t get a complete hard-on, not even when going solo. Is it just nerves, or should I go get myself checked out?No Category
12I am a healthy 24-year-old unable to ejaculate during intercourse. Masturbation is no problem. Any ideas?No Category
13I enjoy it when my girlfriend goes down on me, but I rarely come. She has developed a bit of a complex about it. How can I get her to stop worrying about it and relax?No Category
14I had my first date with a lady the other night and she told me she has genital herpes (no, we didn’t have sex). Although she’s very nice, I'm hesitant about seeing her again. What are the chances of me catching it from her and are there any precautions No Category
15I have an addiction to phone sex. I have had this problem for at least 10 years. It is now really starting to affect my sex life with my wife and I would like to stop it and get my life back on track. My wife has no idea of the addiction is worried about No Category